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Welcome to the international bulletin board about puppies and dogs dog.pet2me.com. The main idea of this site about dogs and puppies to make a simple and convenient service announcements. The site translated in two languages (Russian and English), so dog owners can not only place a Free Ads about their dogs, but also meet with representatives from other cities and countries.

For those who are the first time on the site, lets explain that this site has three main sections: bulletin board about dogs, Kennel directory, and catalog of zoosites. All three sections are connected to each other. If you are a professional dog breeder and want to try all site functions, you should register, then will add information about your dog kennels and place Ads puppies for sale, dogs mating with photos and links to their sites. If you need only to place your ad about dogs once you can do it without registering.

New Ads. Dogs for sale

Dog kennels

18 - january - 2017 | N—5175

Kazoku No Sorumeito

Dog breeders, dog kennels: Akita
Romania, , Deva
11 - january - 2017 | N—5167

uku-FCI beagle kennel

Dog breeders, dog kennels: Beagle
Ukraine, Kiev
03 - january - 2017 | N—5155

Indigo Moonlight kennel, FCI

Dog breeders, dog kennels: Haski
Georgia, Georgia
05 - august - 2016 | N—4956


Dog breeders, dog kennels: Bull Terrier
Russia, Vladivostok
 17 - june - 2016 | N—4877


Dog breeders, dog kennels: Boxer
Ukraine, Kharkiv
 16 - june - 2016 | N—4874

Lazarev's Luxury

Dog breeders, dog kennels: Russian Toy-Terrier
Estonia, Tallinn
23 - march - 2016 | N—4769

Dobermann & Bullterrier kennel "Iz legiona Lars"

Dog breeders, dog kennels: Doberman, Bull Terrier
Russia, Smolensk
18 - march - 2016 | N—4753

Yuki Tenshi

Dog breeders, dog kennels: Akita, Akita
Russia, Murmansk
24 - february - 2016 | N—4715

Kings Charles Spaniel for adoption

Dog clubs:
Latvia, Aizkraukle
21 - february - 2016 | N—4711

Vom Delta Royal -training center for dogs

Training of dogs:
Hungary, Szeged
21 - february - 2016 | N—4710

Vom Delta Royal

Dog breeders, dog kennels: German Shepherd Dog, Yorkshire Terrier, Belgian Sheepdog
Hungary, Szeged
26 - january - 2016 | N—4619

Pug Puppies for re-Homing

Dog breeders, dog kennels: Pug, Pug, Pug
Cyprus, Nicosia

Free Ads dogs, puppies. Popular dog breeds

11. Haski
15. Pug
21. Spitz
29. Akita
30. Poodle